To establish and consolidate a progressive, dynamic and pro-democracy youth and student movement in Malaysia.


1. Democracy:

  • To defend our freedom of expression, our right to peaceful assembly and to organize ourselves.

  • To oppose dictatorial rule and the centralization of political and economic power in the hand of few.

2. Equality:

  • To eliminate all forms of discrimination based on social class, religion, race or gender.

  • To ensure public participation in the local economy and equal distribution of the nation wealth.

3. "People-centeredness":

  • A belief in the ability of the masses to bring about positive change in society.



1.Right to Employment
To defend the right to safe and humane working conditions, free from all forms of oppression.

2. Environment Issues
To oppose all action that adversely affects the environment.

3. Rights to Education
To defend the freedom ad equality in opportunities to education and oppose commercialization of education.

4. Public Welfare

  • To oppose the accumulation of the nations wealth in the hands of a few and the practice of crony capitalism.

  • To oppose all forms of privatization that burden the people and to guarantee basic public welfare.

5. Democracy & Human Rights

  • To oppose all actions which violate basic human rights and are deemed undemocratic.

  • To promote comprehensive human rights education at all levels of society.



1. Abolish the University & University College Act Campaign Forum, memorandums and distribution of "Mansuhkan AUKU" stickers.

2. Human Rights Training Camp
To increase awareness in human rights issues among youth and students.

3. Election Manifesto
To voice the aspirations and demands of students regarding national policies.

4. Alternative News Publications

  • To highlight social realities which are censored in the mainstream media.

  • To provide an avenue for students to voice their opinions regarding the shortcomings in the administration of the nation

5. Joint Projects with Majlis Pelajar Malaysia (Malaysian Students' Council)

  • A students' front made out of various students groups fighting for a just and equitable society.

  • Public rallies, submitting a memorandum entitled "Toward the Reform of the Malaysian Judicial System" to Lord President, press statements on the pertinent issues and forums at local universities and colleges.

6. Free Speech Movement
A campaign to encourage and restore the freedom of expression enjoyed by students in the past.

7. Malaysian Students' Rights Charter
Drafting and launching a Students Charter aimed at protecting the rights of   students.

8. Social Service Forum
To introduce the concept and the importance of social service to youth and students.


DEMA was initiated to form and develop Malaysian youth that are progressive, responsive and conscious of the struggles and dynamics of their society.

Our five main agendas:

  • To create a just and democratic society.

  • To protest abuse of power, autocratic rules and corrupt practices.

  • To oppose nepotism, cronyism and unjust distribution of the nations wealth.

  • To defend human rights: freedom of expression, the right to organize and others.

  • To restore freedom of expression and autonomy within local institutions of higher learning and abolish the University and University College Act.