Upcoming meetings
1999 6-8 December Geneva Expert group meeting on racism and refugees
2000 16-18 February Geneva Expert group meeting on remedies available to victims of racial discrimination
1-5 May Geneva First session Preparatory Committee for the World Conference 5-7 July Warsaw, Poland European regional expert group meeting
5-7 September Bangkok Thailand Asian regional expert seminar
4-6 October Addis Ababa Ethiopia African regional expert seminar
11-13 October Strasbourg France European Conference against Racism (Council of Europe)
25-27 October Santiago Chile Latin American regional expert seminar
4-7 December Santiago Chile Regional Preparatory Meeting for the Americas
2001 15-19 January Geneva Switzerland Inter-sessional Open-ended Working Group
22-24 January Dakar Senegal African regional preparatory meeting
19-21 February Teheran Islamic Republic of Iran Asian Regional Preparatory meeting
21 May-1 June Geneva Switzerland Second session of the Preparatory Commmitee for the World Conference
31 August-7 September Durban South Africa World Conference against Racism